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George could not have honestly said that he had seen Sebastian's attack coming. Sure, he had expected it, but he was in no state to dodge it or even raise a hand to stop it. Instead, he simply took the blow, straight in the kisser.

He wasn't entirely sure what had happened after that, only coming to half a minute later in a pile of leaves at the bottom of the hill, with the edge of one of them stinging his eyes. What had happened, had he the mental faculties to realize it, was that he had been stunned by the impact of the wood, and he had basically just thrown himself down the hill, defeated and no longer in a mood for fighting. His clothes were dirty, and he was still conspicuously missing a sneaker, but he was alive, and that was all that counted. He was alive, even though...


George sank his head down again, but he did not rest. Instead, he just stared sideways at the unmoving girl lying a short distance away from him. What was he going to do now that she was gone? He had no weapons, and no purpose for existing. What did it matter now if he saved anyone else? Carly would still be gone.

Might as well just shoot myself, except I don't have a gun. I suppose I could clear some leaves and...throw myself down the hill some more. Maybe that would work.

For all his planning, George was conspicuously still. Now that Carly was gone, all his motivation to do anything had gone out of the window. Maybe he'd work up the motivation to go somewhere in a few hours. For now, he'd just lie here and...think.

(George Leidman continued elsewhere)
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