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Mary Ann glanced over at the deer... only to quickly look back to the gun. When she saw that poor headless prince of the forest, all she could think about was Rekka's mangled body- if you could call it a body still- back in the tunnels. Not right now, things were just getting better-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud gurgling from her stomach, reminding her that she had forgotten to eat since... when WAS the last time she'd ate? As soon as she acknowledged it, the hunger overtook her body, her hands clutching her belly until it stopped grumbling its dissatisfaction.

R.J. had gone back to the deer, probably wondering the same thing she was at the moment. How exactly were they going to cook it? Mary Ann had never hunted before, but she knew that one didn't just kill something and throw it on the fire. You had to skin it, let it bleed out, they had to find some way to hold it over the fire, and of course they couldn't just put up the whole thing, since it was huge and there are parts you're not supposed to eat... a whole day could pass before dinner was ready (and that was assuming the deer was ok to eat, she'd read about various diseases you could get if you don't cook meat properly especially if it came from wild animals and ok I should say something right now).

"Um, you want to have something while it's cooking? Like, an appetizer? I'm really hungry right now." She decided not to mention that she was just trying not to see the deer he'd brought home.
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