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Carla took her chance and ran while crossbow boy was looking the other way. The wind was battering her eyes and she was blinking hard to keep herself from welling up. She saw the exit to the fairground in front of her. Between her and it there was an open space with no cover to speak of. He’s busy now, but what if he’s right? You did hear what the radio said right? she stopped short of freedom to catch her breath behind a coconut shy. Any minute now crossbow might remember her and take the chance to shoot her in the back as she crossed the open ground. Or Jay might shoot them all and come to finish her off. Or Janet could fight her way through everyone and come for her. Or you could stick with your gut and just get the hell out, consequences be damned. You made your choice. If he lives he’ll tell everyone whose side you’re on, if he doesn’t kill them first. You can’t make the same mistake you made this time.

She pushed herself up so he was crouched next to the balanced coconuts. It was all kicking off in the fairground. Carla didn’t know if she’d made it better or worse by intervening. But Jay had a gun now so if she took her gun out of the equation then the stakes wouldn’t have shifted that much. They could look after themselves. As she turned and made ready to leave she thought she could hear a voice on the wind. She sprinted across the open ground, ignoring the semi-expected pain that took hold of her.

There’s nothing you or no one else can say. I know what I have to do.

(Carla Conners continued elsewhere)
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