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Everything's okay.

For some reason the phrase weakened David's resolve even further; his arms flew out and wrapped protectively around himself, as though trying to conserve warmth. The moment he'd heard the other voice call "everything's okay!" he'd seen in his head the fight over by the fountain; he'd seen Cody Jenkins fall as gunfire boomed around them.

Everything was not okay.

But the fact was that he was useless on his own; that all he could do was keep running and struggling to avoid death. And if there was a way off the island? If there was a way for him to avoid death altogether, to escape? If he was going to find this "Liz Polanski" and survive, he was going to need help.

He swallowed, and made his way in the direction of the voices. They were little more than dim, distant shapes when he finally came into view, but he ignored his mounting fear and, with a faint shudder, called, "O-over here."

Back with other people again. Back to the potential of pain and death. Back to fear.
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