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((Skipping to get out.))

Rob had started to act like a douche again. This made Milo a bit uncomfortable, particularly since the dickery was in the guise of defending him; however, Aaron, the leader of the group, had thrown a shitfit and fired two shots at Rob.

Milo didn't exactly know why he'd fired shots, other than something about a murderer, but this was a very pleasing development. If there was anything Milo liked other than himself, it was seeing people who pissed him off get a bit of punishment for it.

I'm gonna follow this guy. He seems pretty badass, Milo thought as the "Great Leader" ran like hell with that crazy girl, Jacquard or whatever, limping after him.

Operating under the assumption that the others would know where to go, Milo followed the leader.

((Milo Taylor continued elsewhere))
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