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((Acacia Salinger continued from Living In The Aftermath))

It had taken her nearly half an hour after the announcements were up that she'd actually thought about them. Mostly she'd been trying to make sure Roman didn't keel over and fall to pieces, and she was immensely grateful to have Jojo and Simon there to help out. Especially after her brain kicked into gear and she actually listened to the day four announcements. Names had floated through her head as they had done for the past three days and stuck there like velcro, tiny obituaries that she couldn't shake off, no matter how hard she tried. She'd always had a rubbish memory, conceptually she wasn't all that unintelligent, she understood everything that she was told, how ox bow lakes were formed or whatever. She just couldn't remember it twenty minutes later, which was probably why she'd been marked out as a ditz all her life.

Except, apparently, she could remember names if those concerned were recently deceased.

Most from that morning had been people she knew in that very specific high school way: she knew their name, they hopefully knew hers, they might say hi if they saw each other at the Mall, depending on who else they were with. In a normal situation she would probably mourn their untimely death. But Max had died too, and that sort of ruled the rest of them out. What had they been? Their relationship had still been at that strange stage where they weren't entirely sure if they were officially going out or not, and there had been a part of her that wanted to see him, say... something. But there was no chance of that now.

She tried to conceal what she was feeling from the others, especially Roman. Fortunately he was in a lot of pain and clearly determined to find his sister, she was fairly sure she managed to hide it from him, ducking back a little if emotion took over. Jojo and Simon, she wasn't so sure about, certainly she was hiding it less from them. Sniffing, and rubbing her eyes in irritation at the unfairness of it all, she took a few steps to catch up with Roman. Distract your mind. She consulted her map, which she had been following studiously for the entirety of the journey, mainly because it was something she could conceal her face behind if needs be. Also, Roman seemed to be going on instinct, and there were danger zones afoot.

"Hey," she said, her voice steady, after they'd been walking in the South Felled Forest for a couple of minutes. "We're back where we started!" They'd done a neat little loop of the island and now they were back at the beginning again. It gave her an ominuous feeling, like they were coming to the end of something. She glanced up and Roman was struggling to a tree stump, calling out for his sister. She stepped towards him, unsure of how best to respond. "Hey," she added, in a clipped yet comforting tone.
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