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N-Nopony! Ah was talkin' to nopony whatsoever!
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((Breaking post order to GTFO myself. Man that's depressing timing.))

She hadn't said a word. Frankly if she really had been all there, she wouldn't have had the energy to speak. Actually, she wouldn't have even had the energy to get where she was pitifully clinging anyways, but that was beyond the point. Aaron and his friends for the most part initially seemed absolutely oblivious to her existence. She was just kind of standing there and didn't know why. Aaron had it in his head that she had it out for him. Just because she had beaten him in Chess that one time. Just because she tried to help out a beginner against Mr. Plan over here.

No, she wanted nothing to do with his little group. Yet her body's control had not been rendered to her since the young voice had heard the group...


Well, there it is. He finally noticed her. The kid Aaron had been facing down was flashing a gun, and she was less than surprised to see one on Aaron's person as well.

"Well, that explains how he got a group like this following him. That or promises of some grand plan."

As much as she wanted to yell at the voice before it decided to become more argumentative, using her as an anonymity mask, it was completely right. Those probably were the two factors that led these people to follow Aaron. He probably laid claim to some master plan, which cared little about anyone but him. That and the gun was giving him power. Not the kind when you point the gun at someone and give them an order. No, it gave the aura of power, the perception of power. People did it on a psychological level all the time. Someone who looks powerful is powerful, that's the logic. Only Jackie new better.

"Damn straight. Oh, and Jackie, sweetie. Call me Li."

D-Did that voice just introduce itself?! She still hadn't quite comprehended what was going on, but she had at best thought it to be an identity crisis of sorts, something in the back of her mind with every different direction she could go on the island after murder arguing and vying for power in what happened next. In reality she was right, but she just didn't know how right she was.

"Well. A team, is it? Two murderers for the price of one? Tell me, Jacquard, how's the leg? That the only reason you only have one kill to your name so far?"

There was no time to argue with some imaginary girl in her head. He was really dumb enough to think that the two of them were a team. And he was dumb enough to think that if she was in a team with anyone, that she wouldn't be the bait. Especially where Aaron was involved.

"Fuck you, Jacquard, Fuck all of you, all you players. You think that's the way off? I could have helped you. I could have saved you. And you repay me with this? You think that I—"

And Li was poised to say this, before he made a movement that she was sure she had seen somewhere on the Special Olympics before. However there was a gun involved. And there were a pair of very, very loud bangs. Her body didn't move, even while in the back of her own head she winced. No pain rushed to the forefront, not that she was even sure if she would feel the pain while she wasn't in control like this. Then again, she still felt her leg. So that probably answered that. Their head dipped over to Rob, and then back to Aaron as he... the only way she could describe it was a hobo run away from the scene.

And much to her chagrin, as well as every other bystander watching from behind shocked, brown eyes, that voice manifested into reality. For anyone who knew Jackie, it just plain wouldn't sound right. At all. It was higher pitched, girlier than anything she had ever said. There was a slight vietnameese accent behind it as well, however slight it was.

"Oh hell no you don't." As well as a battered and beaten body can, the form of Jackie stalked off right after Aaron, that hacksaw dangling from her hip. Her hands showed no sign of reaching for it, nor did her eyes show murder. Not that anyone else would know such a loner well enough to tell any of that at all.

In the back of Jackie's mind, everything she had hoped that this new Li girl wouldn't get her killed.

((Jacquard Broughten continued elsewhere...))
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