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Can you hear me?
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((Guys, we should wrap this one up. It's gone on too long, and it's a dangerzone. XD))

As he approached the bush, he could continue to hear Josée and Cisco talking. She continued to insult him behind his back, but asked Cisco again about "Death". She was still on this? She really wanted to know, didn't she?

Cisco rambled on, answering that "Death" was apparently named "Joe" or at least in the form of someone named Joe. But, he had no clue where Death/Joe went.

Suddenly, he could hear Cisco offering to help them, and as Remy turned his head towards, everything started to make sense.

Cisco had removed the "record" from its sleeve, but it was definitely not a record like he first thought when he first saw something in the sleeve. Was that a fucking sawblade? Jesus. Christ. He didn't know that was even possible. At least it made more sense than a record.

"Shit..." he mumbled, staring at the record.


Remy suddenly turned his head.

Someone was nearby. They dropped something? Or maybe they fell to the ground?

It came from the bush.

Remy looked back at the other two, put his finger to his lips to indicate silence, and then peeked over the bush.

Would he find someone? Something did make a noise here. But what? Maybe it was the bag thief or both. Or maybe, as he thought, they were one and the same. Or maybe it was someone or something else? The announcements did say something about bears, after all.

Suddenly, he ran.

He ran deeper into the woods, his heart racing.

Come on, show yourselves!

But suddenly, Remy was tossed to the ground, landing face first. Oh god, he tripped on something! What was it? A quick look behind them and... was that someone's bag? He lifted it up. Huh. That must have been one of theirs. Lifting himself off the ground, he looked around frantically as he lifted the bag over his shoulder.

And without telling the others, went searching for the bag thief again. After a while, Remy had wandered off, to the point where he was fairly far off from Cisco and Josée.

((Remy Kim continued in Alex In Sunderland))

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