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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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"Well, um... Uh, see... um, well... See you in the future, I guess."

Alan watched as several of the people in the group started leaving. This was good and bad, it was bad because he and Jimmy were still pretty much on their own, but it was good because he still hadn't had his organs rearranged on the grass and turned into a PETA ad campaign. Alan thought again of the that girl who had gotten right up Danya's bonnet. She would be able to help the movement. Alan didn't know if she'd agree but he had to try. But how... How could he-

"I'm going, Mike. I'll get it if you don't wanna come, but I need to find her. Just to talk. That's all."

One of the remaining people spoke, was she going to find the girl? She could have easily been talking about any girl on the island. Alan swallowed his fears and asked. "So sorry to interrupt... Again. But I don't suppose that your planning on going after the girl on the announcement... Only if you are, perhaps me and Jimmy could help in some way... We don't have much in the means of protection but we do have a sword... Knife thingy. Only for protection of course. You see it's just... I have a plan to really give one in the eye to Mr. Danya... It's actually quite a stupid plan but... If someone has managed to rebel against Danya already, then she needs all the protection she can get."

Alan was starting to get slightly more confident in his words. "I can understand if you can't have us, really. It's just... Leaving that girl to the first blood-crazy savage isn't the right thing to do. Right Jimmy." Alan looked to Jimmy for support.
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