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God was telling you "not yet".
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Well, the announcement had really done its job, hadn't it? Everyone had been instilled with a brand new fear, which forced them to look at this entire thing in a whole new light. Random selection, their teacher, and any attempts at escape didn't result in punishment to those who "deserved" it, no. The punishment instead was handed over to the palms of fate, which meant that playing by the rules seemed pointless now. It didn't matter what they did anymore, not after this. Now they were playing a giant version of Russian Roulette, and Liz had a bounty on her head after somehow managing to break her collar. Which... was amazing.

Violet didn't have the know-how to work out her own way of doing it, and she didn't want to try in case she blew herself up. But knowing that girl was out there, changing the game, making a difference. That was brilliant. That was inspirational stuff, and if herself and Mike didn't take this chance to shake things up then they probably wouldn't get another one again.

With Jessie and Courtney leaving, and the other guys looking just as dumbfounded by these events as themselves, she took the opportunity to grab her things from the floor and work out a plan.

If she could find Liz...

If she could talk to her...

She felt herself stop suddenly, biting hard on her lip. If she went after Liz, would Mike come with her? How was he taking all of this? She hadn't even asked. They needed to move quickly though, in case somebody got to the girl first. They couldn't let that happen, otherwise all of her hopes would be lost. If they were going to get out of this place and survive, then they needed to find her. Sure, the girl would probably be wary of them, but they'd get her to come around. Her eyes fell to the blowtorch in her hand.

It was there, waiting, ready for her command. If Liz wouldn't tell them how she did it - how she freed herself from the rules - then they'd have to force it out of her. They didn't have a choice. It felt cold in her grip, and heavier than it did before. It was a proper weapon now, not just a tool. It was intimidating, and powerful, because it could hurt someone. It could burn a hole right through someone's face if she wanted it to, but she knew that she never would. Even if Liz resisted, she doubted she could bring herself to kill her. Just hurt her a little bit; scare her. That was all she could do.

"I'm going, Mike. I'll get it if you don't wanna come, but I need to find her. Just to talk. That's all."

At first.

God, she hoped he'd follow her.

She couldn't do this alone.
Hello again.
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