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Shit shit shit SHIT SHIT!

The two were duking it out, the pair a blinding whirl of steel, and all Janet could do was stand in shock like an idiot! If she ran, she wouldn't get those map co-ordinates! If she stayed, well, what!? The fat guy hadn't unloaded on Sophia yet, so maybe he was too dumb to realise what a shotgun was for!? This whole thing was starting to piss her off!

"Fuck this!" she yelled, as her legs took over and she started sprinting. Sitting still had never been Janet's thing, and she had no intention of starting now. She had no idea what she was doing, but damn if she wasn't doing it now.

The speakers echoed across the island, but they fell on deaf ears for Janet too, now much more focused on charging that tubby asshole who'd broken up their little quiet moment. Sophia was in between the two of them, but a little side skirting was more than enough to get him in her sights, clenching her teeth with every passing step as anger erupted inside her like a volcano.

"FUCK YOU!" she screamed, really not thinking straight any more as adrenaline poisoned her rationale. John screamed and dropped his gun as Sophia clobbered his bones, inciting the berserk cheerleader to even more. What had brought on this sudden rage wasn't totally clear to Janet, but she knew that she wanted John hurt and hurt BADLY!

With a wild roar she sprung towards his legs, oblivious to the actions of Sophia inches above her. If he was on the floor, she'd be perfectly poised to give the disgusting fat asshole bastard a piece of her fucking mind! And she had a couple of fucking pieces to give the fucking bastard!
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