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Can you hear me?
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((Aileen needs to live again. T_T)

Lily flat-out called the tall guy out on making jokes about killing people, saying that it wasn't funny at all. See? She was capable of expressing her exact thoughts without descending into sarcasm or outright insults.

The boy in the overly fancy outfit introduced himself as Milo Taylor, and the athletic guy as "an asshole". Aileen felt the need to make a comment here, about how they both looked like assholes to her, but stopped herself before any words could come dribbling out of her mouth. Okay, they could turn out not to be assholes after all, and actually be a good part of the group in the future. Heck, the guy in the business suit even asked if he could be of help. It was best to stay on the safe side, however, with both of them.

Aaron happened to agree with Lily, saying that it wasn't exactly a good first impression to make jokes about shooting people while being stuck on a deserted island where there are plenty of murderers. And therefore, pretty much gave the guy with the gun an ultimatum; leave or put your gun down. Simple really. Really harsh wording, but hopefully he would agree with one or the other. Although, Aaron was standing behind a tree this entire time, while she, Lily, and the two guys were out in the open, and Richard was god knows where. Which meant that if this guy with the gun attacked, Lily and Aileen were the first targets.

However, nope, gun guy was not cooperative.

He went on a tirade, about how having Milo around for ten minutes would annoy them all, about how he could have just simply shot them all while they weren't looking, and about how he wasn't going to put his gun down. This "Rob" guy was going on and on about how Aaron was the one looking for trouble and was a horrible leader.

It was as if he was expecting everyone to be happy and merry, and invite him to a magical tea party with My Little Ponies and Carebears the minute he cracked a joke about shooting people! Of course they weren't happy, they were stuck on a deserted island for Christs' sake! Of course they would be a little suspicious of him and that other guy. Of course, it wasn't a good idea for Aaron to ask one guy to grope at another on hindsight, but he could at least just follow the instructions and not make this hard.

Aileen's face looked like a speckled beet when the guy turned to address her directly. Rob was telling her that they needed a new leader if they wanted people to be nice to them, even saying that Aaron could just run off and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Her lips pursed as she resisted the urge to flare up at him right back. Oh man, was she pissed. Who gave this Rob kid the right to walk to their group, make a joke about people getting shot, and then insult people who make a simple request at him? At least just make it simple and easy for everyone!

But, her next words she managed to get out without yelling. "Hey... we've been through a lot. One of our group has already been killed, and we've been separated from others. Of course we'd be a little suspicious."

Although her voice was far from shouting, one could notice a bit of venom dripping off the tone. She was trying her best not to yell at people again, but it was pretty clear that she was upset.

She looked back and forth between the two newcomers and the tree Aaron was hiding behind.

"Everyone needs to put their weapons down and talk about this like civilized human beings. Okay?"

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