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Rena kept her eyes closed for as long as she could, barely registering the other voice. He was explaining something to her. Did...did he kill that kid?

What kid? There isn't a kid. It's not real. It can't be-


Her eyes flew open, and she jolted slightly from the sudden noise. It had come from...her neck? What?

Rena looked at the boy who was nearest to her, wondering if he had an answer, and then to the other one, who didn't seem to really be interested in her sudden arrival at all.

Her heart picked up pace as the announcements continued. He was blowing collars. Because of Liz...Liz. God, did Rena know Liz? Or Alex Rasputin? Wasn't he a killer? Why couldn't she remember?

Or better, why couldn't she forget? Why couldn't she just pretend that there were no announcements. That the boy in the tunnels, that the boy here were just...figments of her imagination? Why did it have to be real?

The boy who'd been talking to her was yelling. He knew them. He must have. She slammed her eyes shut. Not real. Not real. Not real. Make it go away.

She opened them again, turning to the boys. What was she doing? Crying? Again? Was that all she was capable of? I cried in the library. I cried when I got..when I got shot. I cried in the tunnels, I'm crying now. No. Crying isn't going to make it go away. Nothing will. It's real.

She took a shuddering breath.

Ridley. Raine. They tried to help me. They tried to help me and I ran away. They could be dying now, for all I know. They helped me and I ran.

The other boy didn't seem to be helping either. My whole life, people have been trying to help me, and I've just freaked out and cried. It's time I repaid the favor, isn't it?

She pushed herself off the ground, staggering slightly. She knew that she probably would be crying again by the next day. But right now, it didn't matter. She had made a decision, and she was going to stick to it for however long she could.

"Uh...excuse me? Sir?" She walked towards the boy who'd been talking to her, cautiously. "I...I'm sorry." Awkwardly, she put a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you...for asking about me, I mean. I'm fine. I...were they your friends?"

She paused. No wonder I've never helped people before. I'm terrible at it.

"I'm Rena. And I'm kinda useless." She laughed, somewhat bitterly and weakly. "But, uh...if you want to talk...I can listen."

She nodded, turning to face the other boy. "So...who are you two?"

Her eye caught the dead boy again. She shuddered.

"And...what happened?"
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