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((Jacquard Broughten continued from Shore Leave))

She had thought fleeing to the woods would be a good idea. She had thought that by fleeing every single true landmark, she could find a place where she could be alone and decide what to do about this little problem... Her little life problem.

Roland didn't have to say it. She could tell. As if the voices in her mind were that of a celestial body, peering into his thoughts before whispering them into her ear.

She was an Animal. A monster. Just as she first had decreed herself.

Whatever adrenaline had been keeping her injury back just released the flood gates, and slowed any progress to a crawl.

She could hear the crickets chirping. She could see the sun lowering beyond the canopy. With not an ounce of fight left in her, not a drop of fuel left in the tank, her body went limp. And as her pupils dilated, and her lungs released their warm breath, she collapsed to the ground in hunger, and exhaustion.

They didn't know how long their host had laid unconscious. Her mind may have shut down, but she was not the only resident of that mind anymore. And as such, her senses were very much still alive, feeding their records to five beings. Three of which were listening.


It was high pitched. It was young. It was such a naive, innocent voice. Care free, and completely oblivious to the world in which it was born.

Not understanding why everyone was yelling at her to stop, or why it was so difficult, the broken and battered form of Jackie began to crawl, hand over hand towards the sound of the voices, underbrush and leaves parting their ways for her as her presence was obviously known. Coming in and out of consciousness as another controlled her form, her thoughts, although muddy and addled with sleep and pain, revolved around the mystery that was felt of not being in control of one's body.

Slowly, through use of the bushes and the trees around her, her arms grasped and pulled her full weight to attention. Her hair was in her eyes, so the blurred vision that Jackie could comprehend as this other controlled every stumbling step she took did little to offer her information. All she could tell was that she was in the woods.

...absolutely no FUCKING control ov... A voice. Little more than a moment ago, gained such power and anger that it clearly cut through the fog. She couldn't be bothered to care who it was though.

A figure in front of her. No... A group of figures.

"Jackie! It's uncle Aaron!"

"..Unh... Wha?"

The figure at the forefront of her vision snapped back into clarity. Aaron Hughes. The voices were extinguished as her mind began to race, yet again shutting out all the things that by all means should force her unconsciousness. Those piercing green eyes were staring straight at a man she had never seen before, wielding a gun. And he was barking orders, so calmly at him. Always the man with the plan, huh...

Against the tree she stood, unable to make her legs move in the opposite direction. The last thing she wanted right now was conflict. The last thing she wanted right now was to deal with this. The childlike presence that had been there not a moment before had vanished just as quickly as it had appeared, now relished to a faint whisper in the back of her head, with all the others. However, the more familiar voice that was ringing through loud and clear sent a chill up her spine.

"This fuckwit, huh? Let's see what he's really up to..."

Oh... No...

Not a word was spoken from her mouth, but she really was a pitiful sight to behold for those standing before her. Her hair tangled and draped over her face, leaning heavily on a tree, arms clinging to the trunk for support. Her breath was labored, her mouth just cracked as air painfully whistled between her lips. Her eyes were wide and pleading, and her expression perfectly blank. And she just sat, staring at them as they made their exchange.
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