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Thankfully, Sunil's feeble attempts at comforting Garry had not backfired; in fact, far from responding in a hostile matter out of paranoia and hurt pride (which was Sunil feared would happen, taking his recent bad luck into account), Garry seemed to be thankful for the sympathy. Sunil was hardly an expert at reading others, but he was pretty sure that was what Garry was feeling.

Then again, Sunil was just taking silence for gratitude.

Unlike Garry, Sunil failed to notice the new arrival on the scene. His back was turned to her, and the already fairly inobservant boy was too preoccupied with dealing with Garry and wrestling with his own thoughts. His mind only registered her when Garry DID notice her and ran over to check on her. Judging that Garry had it handled and the girl didn't appear to be someone he knew well, Sunil kept his distance, walking towards the scene at a slow, cautious, steady pace.

Well, Garry did appear to have it handled well, but then this girl (Rena, that was her name! Her surname....irrelevant. He didn't THINK he knew any other Renas) noticed the body, which was still lying there, open to the elements and visible to any casual observer who had no idea of what led to the boy's current state.

Before Sunil (and, judging by his mumblings, Garry as well) could worry further about what the new arrival would think and whether she would come to any hasty conclusions (not that she appeared to be in much of a state to act on them), the speakers spluttered to life once again. Unlike the first time an irregular announcement happened (when Sunil wasn't even aware such a thing was possible, even under extreme circumstances for the terrorists), Sunil wasn't as thrown off by this one (the first one having sent him into a panic that his internal clock had gone crazy until things became clearer), but it still came as an unwelcome surprise.

Liz Polanski was still causing trouble for the terrorists. Yes, it was nice to know that the plans of the terrorists did have their holes and glitches to exploit, yes, Sunil wished her the best, but if her continued existence meant that every other hour his name could be drawn at random and his neck exploded into smitheroons, he wouldn't be alone in wishing that she'd just have a heart attack or slip on an icy patch or something. Sure, Danya may stop his collar-blowing-upping if she just stopped breaking Danya's shit, but Sunil wasn't sure about that.

And then the fat jolly prick decided to keep to his word and blow a few collars up.


The names held no real personal significance for Sunil, but they obviously did for Garry. That, or he really cared about all his classmates, even the random ones he didn't look at twice back in Minnesota.

Sunil wanted to try and comfort him again, but he looked like he might just try and let out his frustrations on Sunil if he got too close, so instead Sunil just stood back, barely paying a second thought to Rena, trying to rack his mind for a suitable response.
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