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((Courtney Bradley, continued from Cool Ranch.))

Once again, Courtney had found herself running. She was thankful, at least, that she had a chance to get a good amount of practise in for the amount of running she was doing on this bloody island, really. She had wound up at a beach again and- aside from stuffing her shoes and socks into her daypack in an attempt to let her feet breathe- hadn't stopped. Just slowly, calmly, walked along the beach as it got darker and darker.

It was almost comforting, really. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the darkness, the lack of people who were planning on murdering her. For once, Courtney was calm.

A loud shout, blasting the F-Word for all to hear. Lovely.

Courtney saw someone in the water, close enough to make out that they were in there, but not close enough to see who exactly it was. Were they in trouble? Courtney rushed over, trying to get closer.

She recognised the face of the girl she saw in the water- Reiko Ishida, the figure skater, one of the popular girls, she had a twin sister, and was probably looking for her. During the days she had spent running and hiding and being generally out of her mind, she hadn't noticed the announcements; the thought never crossed her mind that her sister was dead, or that Reiko could've been a threat, let alone a killer multiple times over. She was just the short figure skater with a temper from school, wading through the water, looking like she'd lost something down there.

What had she lost? Her glasses? That would explain it, Courtney vaguely remembered her wearing glasses when they had met. If she'd lost them, that would explain why she was ambling around, right? Courtney looked around where she was standing. Small pebbles, shells, and a whole bunch of sand, but no glasses.

Right, then.

Rolling up the bottom of ther tracksuit bottoms, Courtney began to take slow steps into the cold water, stopping in her tracks when it reached her ankles. No need to get too close. Courtney didn't discredit the possibility of one of them being swept away by the waves if the got too deep, or a jellyfish being underwater or something like that happening.

"Hey, Reiko?" She waved to the smaller girl, deciding against walking up and patting her on the shoulder or anything like that. "...Need a hand?"
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