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Oh, god. What did I just do?

When Kevin slammed his shovel against the tree, Imraan fired on reflex. This was not a good thing. He didn't intend for this to happen at all. He clutched his aching face, silently cursing as the seconds ticked by. Did he just murder Ivan and Tabi by proxy? Fuck, this was horrible. There was no way that he could go back now that this happened.

"I've changed my mind! I'm not dying yet, so get out of here!"

His eyes widened. They weren't dead? Holy crap, they weren't dead! He looked up from the cover of the bushes, then dropped back down as silently as he could. It was a standoff now, but it seemed that the two were still alive and unharmed. The relief he felt was tempered by shame. Killing wasn't something he could do. He didn't have the guts, even though he said he would do anything to survive.

When he competed, he was a violent man. There was no doubt about that. But even then, he wouldn't be able to so far that he would murder. Kevin was in a quandary. He was going to die on this island at this rate.
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B88: Jeff Thorne - Dead from gunshot wounds.

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B103 - Kevin Harding - Killed by a javelin.
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