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Tabi did not get much time for a response. Imraan's hands slipped and then it was all a blur.

Tabi had heard the shotgun blast. Her hands immediately rushed to her chest. She padded herself, but was finding nothing. She looked back up at Imraan. He had just shot at her! Imraan was playing the game there was no doubt about it now. She and Ivan had to get away from him or else they wouldn't make it out alive.

Before she could step back, Tabi heard a loud scream and found herself lying face first in the ground. It was her turn to scream now. She was going to die. She squeezed her eyes shut and wimpered. She was so brave back then, she stood up to Imraan and protected Ivan, but she just failed and now she went back to crying. Tabi wouldn't look, it was better if she didn't.

Ivan said something, but Tabi could not hear him. She turned her head over to look at him. She felt a stinging pain in her lips tasting the blood that was trickling into her mouth. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Ivan holding his massive weapon and pointing it out at...something...or someone...

She let out a wimper and stared up at him.

Please don't kill him...

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