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((Reiko Ishida continued from The Hardest Part))

Reiko Ishida had been fortunate since leaving the residential district after her nap. She had managed to avoid people, a good thing for someone of her reputation, especially carrying two rather dangerous looking weapons. The shotgun, while cumbersome, was still weildable, and would make a good deterrent for people to stay away. Anything she needed to make sure that people kept their distance was a bonus to her. The less people she encountered, the less... the less her temper would get the better of her. It sounded simple. Stay away from people, stop the killing.

It was just too bad for the girl that life rarely worked that way.

Upon leaving the residential district, Reiko immediately went north. It wasn't long until she found the ground under her feet shifting as she stepped onto the beach. Almost immediately, more instinctual than anything, the small girl walked to the shoreline, leaving her shot gun on the beach a fair distance away. Not even bothering to take off her shoes, Reiko waded into the current until she was knee deep in ocean.

Reiko bent over, and scooping up a handful of water in her gloved hands and splashing her face with the briny water. She felt a sharp sting as the salty liquid entered the wound on her head she had all but forgotten about. At least it would help to clean it maybe. Taking another handful of water, she splashed her face again, before submerging her head in the water for a moment.

Something about this simple task felt somewhat... calming. Almost as if she was washing away the last four days and starting over again. Only not. As metaphorical as her mind seemed to be right now, Reiko had still killed six people. They weren't coming back because she dunked her head in some water for a moment. Upon raising her head, the first thing Reiko noticed was that her vision was blurring slightly at the edges. She tried to rub her eyes, but that didn't solve much. What it did solve was Reiko determining the source of the problem. Her glasses. Reiko frantically fished around in the water nearest her, searching for the purple framed lenses. After a couple minutes of searching, she came up empty handed.

"Fuck!" Reiko said loudly, not even caring if there was anyone to overhear her. The girl began wading around in the shallows, stopping occasionally and trying to locate her glasses. It wasn't so much that she needed them than it was that she had just gotten so used to having them. Reiko didn't care much about the noise she made as she searched for her frames, so long as she found them.
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