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[Sorry about how short this post is, guys!]

Josie had not answered Sierra. Where was her friend, and why hadn't she answered? Sierra began to cry again, though she had exhausted her tears and the sobs came out dry and harsh. She hated herself for how damned dependent she was on Josie, a ball and chain shackled onto her friend. It was wrong for her to make Josie take care of her like this. Sierra had never felt so much hatred for herself in her life. Why was she so useless? If she had only helped her friend, they could have saved Omar from his death.


Sierra's mind went wild. She could not see. She could not hear. She could not smell or taste. She only knew the pain of loss. As the waves of pain washed over her, a barrage of thoughts threatened to knock her down. Why was this happening to all of them? Why had God decided that their fate was to die like cattle? Why did she deserve to live now, as worthless as she was? Why had Omar, such a good person, been torn from this world like an insignificant doll? Why had Julian Avery killed him? Where did it happen? What had lead to his death? Was Julian coming for her next? Who would kill Sierra?

These questions struck the blond like the lashes of a whip, lacerating not her body but her heart. With each question, she lost some part of herself. She had been sobbing so much that she was hoarse. She couldn't even scream out. Sierra Manning lived, but she just wasn't alive anymore. How long she felt that numbing loss, she didn't know. It felt like hours that her heart was breaking piece by piece. It was probably mere moments.

Vaguely, in the crevices of her mind, she knew that someone had touched her. Despite this touch, she did not acknowledge whoever was trying to talk to her. She only knew it wasn't Josie, and that terrified her. Had Sierra's time to die come? No. Not yet. She had to get to Omar, at least what was left of him. She had to find her love and pay her respects. Despite her lack of will, the numbing sensation began to subside enough for her to become aware of her surroundings again. The blond heard voices. She heard her own name coming from a male’s mouth. Was it Omar? For just a moment, she would swear that she heard his voice.

"I'm here with Sierra! We're both fine!"

She snapped out of her coma, eyes widely searching for her love. She felt another piece of her slide into the darkness when she saw that the boy was not Omar, but somehow, it almost relieved her. Sierra knew this boy wasn't Julian Avery, and that made her relax (if only a miniscule bit). She heard Josie before she saw her, coming over and yelling at the boy who was beside her. If there was a reason, the blond did not know what it was. Was he trying to attack her? That didn't make any sense. Surely this person would have put her out of her misery if he was playing the game. Whatever his motivations, the girl was fairly certain that she did not want him, or anyone else for that matter, around. She couldn't trust anyone except Josie anymore. She barely could trust herself.

With her friend asking her if she was alright, Sierra could only nod. She tried to croak out a response and failed, her voice was leaving her; just another woe to add to her growing list of pains. She shook her head 'no', that the boy had not hurt her. Just barely aware of what was even going on, she just stared at Josie. What were they going to do?
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