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Light. Too much light.

Too much light makes the baby go blind.

Liz rolled over. "Wug."

Someone was shining a flashlight in her eyes. Oh brilliant. And it was speaking.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

It sounded like a bad supervillain line. Liz cracked her eyelids, just enough to see who was holding the flashlight.

Squint. Look. Squint.

Kimberly Nguyen. Emo scene. Concerned about her image. Sharp and mean. Liz did not relish being caught by her, of all people.

Open her eyes more. Stay out of the flashlight. Turn, draw back. There's still a knife in your hand.

Kimberly--Kimberly, yeah. Was probably out to kill her.

There was still a knife in her hand.

Kill her. Kill her now.

Knife low. Legs coiled. But God, her body screamed.

And she lunged at Kimberly, her chest puffed, and the rest was pain and slow-motion, Kimberly kicked the knife out of her hand. The impact sent her sprawling, hitting a rock, torn flesh, and her back curled, helpless, protective. Scream cut off by a throbbing windpipe, air expelled, harsh and silent.

And Kimberly had a foot on her back, a pistol click behind her ears, and Liz had never felt more vulnerable in her life.

Not crying.

Instead, choking, "Please", like begging was going to do her any good. But it wasn't crying.

Not dying like a pathetic person.

Not choking. Not crying. But she was trying to speak and coughing now instead, trying to speak with pen and paper nowhere near her, breathing water in her throat, gurgling, spitting, disgustingly, and she could hear Kimberly chuff, and finally words.

"…going to break as many cameras as I could get to. You c-could kill me now, or you could kill me after I've fucked Mr. Danya up a bit more."

She rolled over now. Facing Kimberly, face up, mouth gaping because it wasn't going into any other position. Looking in Kimberly's face, making eye contact, something she'd always had trouble with in real life, eyes shiny, reflective, moving.

And Kimberly's face was a grinning rictus, tense and smiling.

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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