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Ask me about Transformers The Movie Abridged!
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John could feel that he was freaking out. This girl looked psychotic! Stood there, dodging his ill-timed, ill-aimed swings in silence. Despite the lack of speech, he didn't try to hear the announcement that barked into life.

"Stupid fat fuck!"

Oh, THAT was better than silence... What, she wanted to get a rise from him? As if she was the first person to throw that insult at him. But at least this was keeping that lead pipe away from him. So long as she didn't get any closer to him, he'd have to keep swinging this shotgun. Hopefully not hitting her, but who knew what might happen.


John's eyes widened and his jaw dropped - he hit her. He couldn't move to take the gun away, words of apology froze in his throat. Guilt welled up, momentarily blinding him to the fact that dreaded lead pipe was raised in the air, then flying towards him.

"You're mine!"


John let out a scream of pain as metal met flesh - then bone.

"My arm!" he cried, the shotgun dropping from his grip as he grabbed his now-certainly fractured left forearm. Tears stung his eyes and began to stream down his face as a patch of blood began to grow on his sleeve. It wasn't a lot or fast, but the pain was clearly not just from a broken bone. John clung to the injured body-part, a look of horror on his face. He didn't even see the other three anymore, pain clouding his vision and his mind.
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