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((Sorry for skipping Sierra again. See the Away topic for details))

What happened next was probably the last think Max expected. A girl emerged from the darkness, and instead of saying hi or anything, she just pushed him aside before yelling at him.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too." He responded. Max was used to assholes behaving like that way back in his junior high, and his overall friendly attitude he picked up later in the high school helped him to ignore that kind of situations, but right now he couldn't resist himself from using sarcasm. Seriously, what was she thinking? He didn't do anything wrong and tried to be helpful, and yet he received a shouting because... Because what exactly?

But she didn't stop at that, and started talking to Sierra, and asking if Max wasn't freaking her out. The boy only shook his head in amazement.

"Okay, now you got to be kidding me..."

The blond guy took a few steps back, as he suddenly felt an urge to keep the distance from the girl. That's when someone decided to follow Max's example and reveal his position. David Meramac. As far as Max remembered, he didn't appear in the announcements, and his voice didn't sound like a trouble, so Max invited him in.

"Yeah, come over here! Everything's okay!"

At least physically, because someone needs to check his attitude apparently...

As much as he was annoyed with the 'welcome' he was given, Max was at least happy to conclude, that it wasn't indeed a trap. It was just too bizarre, and if it was actually a part of an elaborate ambush plan, then both of the girls deserved an Oscar for their performance.
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