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^This is not what a Laz looks like^
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((Bout time. q: Also, that is still a gleaming circular sawblade that he actually threw.))

Cisco's little moment of celebration had apparently caught the attention of the girl that had saved him from being prematurely reaped by Remy Pierce. And from the way she approached him with the clear intention not to kill him herself, that was a good thing.

"Hi... Cisco, you're name's Cisco right. Josée Trembley by the way, great to meet you."
Oh, that was her name. Well, at least unlike her psycho brother with a different last name, she sounded nice. She reached out a hand to shake his, and as he got up to a kneeling position he shook it with his knuckles facing up like a dog placing its paw in its master's palm, his other hand cradling the sleeve. His supply bag was, well, wherever he had left it back there near Remy.

"Guys, I'm going to check if someone is still here. Don't worry, I won't attack if they won't attack," Remy said, before wondering off. The green-haired freak worriedly watched him leave, his hand still interlocked with Josee's.

"I'm sure you'll be in safe hands with us around... Well, at least, as long as I'm around, you'll be safe from my dimwit brother, I promise. So perhaps you could tell me a bit about this 'Death' person..."

"Death?" Cisco began, looking to the side in an awkwardly childish manner, "Oh, you mean Joe! Or at least I think he's in Joe's form...I don't know..." His voice trailed off as he leaned over to the side, looking behind her and wondering where the fuck Joe went while he retrieved his so-called music from Katelyn's throat. "...where he went..."

Maybe he was just invisible. Or maybe he defied Joe's orders so badly that Joe had simply given up on him and left. Or maybe he was invisible, and that Joe was probably planning to sneak up on him and reap him where he stood in as much an overly dramatic manner as Cisco having sliced someone's throat with a frisbee-like throw of a circular sawblade. Which somehow meant that he had to do something to redeem himself, and think of how he would do that before the latter happened.

It certainly beat the thought of thinking about exactly how Joe would reap him...well, you get the idea.

"You guys looking for something?" While he was off fetching his favorite toy, someone had apparently taken the liberty of snatching the other two's bags. "I think I could help..." he added, slowly lifting the bloodstained circular sawblade from its sleeve and exposing its serrated glory for her to notice.

The thought that it might still have kept some of its deathly tracking powers encouraged Cisco, although he'd really only thought of it now. And getting the guy that was going to kill him on his side...well, that was incentive in itself. Now if only he didn't do anything to cause her to turn on him...

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