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((Sorry for breaking the post order slightly. Check the Away thread for details))

As several other people spoke, Rob was actually amazed, he managed to stay shut this whole time. He felt a desperate urge to go right back at Milo, or simply shout 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' at the black girl. Seriously, who even allowed her to open her mouth? Fucking negro bitch...

But the last straw came, when the nerd with the gun started acting smartass AND all-mighty at once. Not only he didn't realize he was fucking with the wrong guy, but he also started contradicting himself with a demand to disarm, while still waving his gun happily.

No, that simply won't do. Rob Jenkins was not going to play with that kind of ruleset. That nerdy guy needed a reality check FAST.

Rob gathered all his strength to smirk a little, and responded.

"First: I may be joking, but let that idiot follow you for at least ten minutes, and you'll see what was I talking about. Second: The name's Rob Jenkins... And that's all there is to that. And finally..." Rob turned toward the nerd. "Consider this, oh Great Leader: I was right here all the time, and you failed to spot me. If I had any hostile intentions toward you, I could easily aim and kill you, before anyone else would notice what happened. But I didn't. Enough of a proof? If not, then sorry, I'm not going to give you anything more, because I'm not stupid enough to disarm myself before another armed guy."

Rob tightened the grip on his pistol, but instead of making any movement with it, he continued talking in a full sarcasm mode. If someone looked in redhead's eyes though, he could see the anger just waiting to be unleashed.

"You know, for a guy who 'isn't looking for troubles', you are waving this gun way too much. Even though he didn't say ANYTHING which sounds like a hostility, you pointed your weapon at Milo and told him to come with his hands up like a captured hostage. Now, you demand a complete surrender, when you have absolutely no FUCKING control over me. I'm not going to listen to any of your suggestion, but feel free to listen to mine and piss off yourself."

At this point, Rob looked at the 'Not-Lily' girl, as she was currently the only person around who wasn't pissing him off.

"I'm not going to join your team, too many fuckheads around here for my taste. But I'll give you a word of advise. If you want to be a friendly, not hostile group, you should consider changing the leader, because this guy is doing some seriously crappy job at it. Tell him to stay in the back and play some Dungeons and fucking Dragons, because apparently that's the only thing he's good at."
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