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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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The knocking on the pane made Sarah jump slightly but she retained her composure, nodding carefully. She hadn't heard Annaliese's name on the announcements either way so as far as she knew, Sarah was still the biggest threat. A new leaf and all.

Sarah took a quick glance at Alice, her face still a little pale as Tyler stirred. The boy was surprisingly calm and collected as if he was still at school, waking up on a normal day. A day ago and the kid would be screaming, well trying to scream as Sarah slowly cut in to him feeling that warm blood ooze over her fingers, watching the eyes of the boy widen as his life slowly seeped away. Sarah licked her lips subconsciously, savouring the image. Her heart raced faster.

Control yourself.

"Tyler." She said. Taking a deep breath and banishing the image from her mind. "Have you seen Maxwell anywhere? I need to... discuss something with him." Turning to Annaliese as she clambered through the window she nodded at her. "You too. We're not looking to hurt anyone here, we just need to find Maxwell."

Realistically speaking Annaliese was in a compromised position. Sarah could reach over and jam the scalpel in to the small of her neck, watch her spasm for a second, as if she was engulfed in ecstasy, so simple, so quick, so





Sarah narrowed her eyes in determination. She would be fine, as long as Alice was there. She understood. Nothing stupid. Nothing stupid.
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