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((Terribly sorry about dragging my feet on this. Personal reasons causing Writer's Block, terrible excuse.))

Janet's tackle seemed useless at first, only succeeding in making Nick drop his weapon (it nearly struck Janet's hip, which would have been painful). Still, the man boy stumbled back, tripping over his own feet and dragging Janet down with him. Her own weapon bounced out of her grip as her head slammed into the boy's chest, sending stars across her vision. She tried to struggle away, but felt Nick's grip clench on her arm. He seemed distracted suddenly, as Janet struggled to get away.


Janet jumped slightly, but did not dissolve into panic. She wasn't in pain, so she assumed she had not been shot. Nick, on the other hand, looked around for a moment, his grip loosening and his hand sliding to rest on Janet's. Despite the intensity of the moment, and Nick being her enemy, she still flushed red with embarrassment. Still, no need to let that slow her down. She tore her hand away, spinning and diving for Nick's dropped weapon.
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