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How cute.
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[So sorry for the delay. Holidays, writer's block and the such came up.]

Swing after swing, John tried to keep Sofia at bay and keep her from using that lead pipe to teach him a few lessons about bringing a gun to a club fight. An unloaded gun at that, which meant that Sofia's incredibly risky game of chance had actually paid off and she wasn't going to have any part of her head blown off any time soon. Well, hopefully. She could still end up with a nasty headache if that thing hit her, but she just had to make sure that didn't happen. So every time John swung the shotgun at her, she backed away, trying to avoid the unwieldy club he was swinging without putting so much room between them that he would have time to grab any ammunition from his bag.

Oh course, it would have been nice if Vivien and Janet had helped out a little. Ungrateful bastards.

There were a couple close calls, but for every time he came close to striking her, she lashed out with her own weapon; one swing was a little wide and another came up just short, but she never stopped swinging. Even when the loudspeakers crackled to life with a familiar voice, she didn't let up. There was no time to focus on the short announcement, no time to listen to Kwong read off Danya's proposal. If she took her focus off of John for even a second, it may be the end of her. She wasn't about to let that happen. Not now, not ever. John was nothing but an obstacle and she knew exactly how to handle such a large obstacle.

Break it down.

"Stupid fat fuck!"

Probably not the best mid-combat statement, but it was a welcome break from the relative silence she was held in for the majority of the fight so far. But at least she had the advantage; swinging heavy objects might as well be her forte and the lead pipe her favorite instrument next to a wrench. But John? John was struggling to hold the shotgun firm enough to actually keep hold of it once he made contact with one of his swings. Janet and Vivien may have thought she was nuts to charge the shotgun toting boy but all she needed was one golden opportunity to take that weapon away from him. One little opening to strike and that weapon would be hers.

Her gamble may pay off in the end, but really... why did she take such a huge risk?

She didn't know the gun wasn't loaded. She couldn't have known. Yet she still charged at John the moment she weighed her options. Leap to her death or stare it down, those were the choices. Maybe she really did want for it all to end.

No! Not yet. Not until I make him pay. Then and only then will I let this end... but not yet!

Another swing came from John, but this time, she wouldn't just move out of the way. No, this time she'd grab opportunity by the short hairs and make it hers. She didn't move, she didn't try to dodge, all she did was brace herself against the blow.

The weapon came toward her left side.

With a thud and a gasp from Sofia, it made contact... but she clamped her arm down on the shotgun. She grabbed it and wrapped her arm around it as tight as she could. Holding on for dear life, she took the opportunity when it came.

"You're mine!"

This was her chance. Pipe in hand high above and ready to strike, she brought the weapon down. Her target? John's forearm.

Oh how she waited for the sound of breaking bones.
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