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[[Jacqueline Myrie continued from Jesus Loves the Little Children]]

The boys' bathroom was decidedly boring.

Seriously. There was nothing different about it except for the urinals. That was some bullshit. Somewhere in her disappointment, however, she realized she hadn't peed in a while (let alone on a real honest-to-god toilet), so she went into the girls' bathroom and didn't even close the stall door. How was that for insane your life is almost over stuff? The girls' bathroom was actually way more interesting after all. There was red paint all over the walls and floor, making circles and blossoms- a beautiful, yet subtly gory sight. Jackie wondered who had made it. The room still smelled like spray paint, so it had to be recent- in fact, this almost definitely had to be a student from Bayview. Jackie had seen art before, of course; in fact, she'd seen art way better than this- but this painting left her in shock. After at least a minute or two of gawking, she finally shook herself awake and left.

From there, she simply walked. Away from the town, towards the docks... she walked along the coast for hours, stopping a couple times to eat crackers. Jackie had never been to a real beach before, having lived in Minnesota all her life. At some point the beach ended and became rocks, so she detoured between the lighthouse and the warehouses until she found more beach... with the church visible in the distance. Great. She'd walked in one giant circle. It was then that she realized she'd been walking all night and day- she'd better get some sleep. Sleeping on the beach. She loved it. She laid out a towel on the ground with her duffel at the head of it- an effective makeshift bed. Taking off her shoes, Jackie lay down and waited for sleep, watching as the waves crashed and the sky turned magenta in the distance.
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