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((Helen Wilson continued from Faraday's Cages))

Helen recieved the note from Winnie, and read it three times before passing it on, her heart thudding. Why was it that they seemed to attract rescue attempts? Not that she was complaining particularly about that, she would give most her limbs to escape this island (and then dedicate the rest of her life to stem cell research with the intention of growing new ones), but still, it made her uneasy. There was always a nagging voice in the back of her brain saying if you find somewhere good to hide then you'll be fine, just stay out of trouble, but she would probably be smoked out. Also, the countering part of her brain was telling her to enjoy herself, these were probably her last few days, yes, but why not go out with a bit of a bang, as Ethan Kent had done?

She had impressed herself with her ability to accept her fate. Helen had never given herself much credit for being a strong person, always assumed that she'd be the first to crack under a high pressure environment such as... batshit crazy island where half her classmates were out to kill her.

Staring at the contraption on the floor, she couldn't figure out if she felt more excited or fearful. It this went wrong they would probably all by killed. If this went right, they might all be saved. One of them was going to have to sacrifice themselves to get the information across, probably, the minute they started blurting information as to the island's location across the broadcast they were sure to get their collars blown. Immediately, and without telling anyone, she felt herself back down from that task. She needed to think of a way to get out of having to do it. If no one volunteered themselves what would happen? Would they draw straws? Decide it on the roll of a dice?

The time in silence gave Helen too much time to think. She thought about Liz, and wondered how she was getting on. Had anyone else managed to disable their collar with her help? Had she made it to the tunnels? She thought about their own mortality. She wondered what kind of information would be revealed, and a tiny part of her almost hoped that it wasn't anything useful so that they wouldn't have to sacrifice someone. To try and distract herself from her thoughts she started reading the book that she'd brought on the trip with her. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. It was difficult to get into and required a lot of concentration, which made it a terrible choice for a camping holiday, but a brilliant choice for their current situation when she needed to switch off. She found a pen in her bag a scrawled a quote on the wall, wanting to leave her mark for prosperity.

Strength is just an accident arising from the weakness of others

Bored of reading, she had a turn on the bicycle. When bored and tired from that, and after realising that it was just another opportunity to think, she got off and watched Dave and Izzy play noughts and crosses for a while. She retrieved a notebook from her bag (which she had been hiding so that it wouldn't get used for noughts and crosses) and wrote something on a bit of paper, something that had been bothering her for a while. It had first occurred toh er on the bike. This she showed to a couple of people in the room, wondering what their thoughts on it were. Because the truth was, she reckoned she probably would have tried.

"If Danya had promised a free ticket off the island in exchange for killing Liz, would you have done it?"
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