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Ash tensed up as the footsteps got closer. The situation had turned against her, but it was not totally unsalvageable. She didn't know what Remy had as a weapon, but it most likely wasn't a firearm. If that was true, she could still get out of this alive. She looked down at the bags she had taken.

Risking her life for these supplies was a truly dumb idea, but desperation had forced her hand. What to do now? She wasn't as good as sneaking around as she wanted to be, and the boy was walking close to her. In a minute or two, he would be able to see her.

The brush would surely crunch no matter how she stepped around. The ambient sound of the forest wouldn't be enough to cover it up. A plan... She had a plan, but it was both risky and unlikely to work. Still, it would distract Remy at the very least. Ash peeked out of her cover briefly, her blonde hair pushing the leaves aside as she looked past the bushes.

He was not looking in her direction. Reluctantly, she took the lightest of the three bags she had taken and tossed it deeper into the forest, making sure that the bag didn't enter his line of sight. At the same time, she crawled a few feet in the opposite direction and stopped when the sound of the backpack crashing into a tree petered out. The stress of the situation started to take effect as her hands shook and sweat stained her dirt covered sweater, but she forced herself to calm down.

I have to prepare the next distraction. Don't falter, Ash.

Getting out of here unseen was her top priority, although she was prepared to make a break for it if she absolutely had to. Even if they did see her face, running into them again later was unlikely.
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