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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Kari had no idea about anything. To be honest, Zach should have suspected as much. Hell, it was only common sense. Kari was asleep when he dosed off so it was safe to assume she had been sleeping the entire time. How could ZACH JAMIS go around and act like Mizore’s leaving had been all her fault? Of course, then Zach Jamis remembered HE was ZACH JAMIS, so it was only logical to act this was all Kari’s fault. Stupid Kari. Always ruining things. Kari asked him if Mizore’s stuff was gone and this only added fuel to the fire.

“Of course her stuff’s gone,” he growled. “It’s not like she decided to take a stroll or something. Jesus.”

Kari continued on, asking Zach about a bunch of people he did not know. These were names she was just hurling at him like goddamn throwing knives. He barely knew the names of half of the people he’ s met so far! How the hell is he supposed to know who the fuck Simon Grey is? Rein? Who the fuck names their kid after water anyway? Zach just sneered.

“I was sleeping too,” he answered harshly. “For all I know Mizore could be…”

Dead? Why did that prospect upset him so much?

Zach stopped. He looked out of the cave. Great. What the fuck was he supposed to do? Just let Mizore go off and wander on her own? That was obviously Mizore’s plan from the outset. Well fuck that. Zach Jamis wasn’t going to be left to his own devices while the bitch decides to go on some epic quest without him. He didn’t even know who the hell Naoko was and frankly Zach didn’t care. It was enough to get Mizore to leave. So what was Zach supposed to do? That was the question he kept asking. What the fuck was he supposed to do?

What the fuck are you going to do Zach?

Well… She HAD given him a destination.

“You ready?” He asked, clearly skipping any explanation for the question. Doesn’t matter if Kari had just woken up or not, she should know what he was talking about.

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