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Garry had expected Sunil to explode with rage at him for actually taking another person's life, had even halfway expected him to try and attack him or run him off. Instead, and Garry was extremely grateful for it, the Indian boy was comforting him. It was unexpected, but then again he really needed it. The shock and guilt and regret and worry, it was all eating away at him.


Garry heard the noise and craned his head to face the direction it was coming from. A girl suddenly came sprinting past the area, tripping over a tree stump and falling flat on her face in what looked like a very painful manner. Garry was quick to respond, making his way over to the downed female.

"Hey are you okay?" he asked her, kneeling down in front of her as she pushed herself up. She glanced up at him and Sunil, muttered a brief hello, then her eyes drifted across to look elsewhere, her expression turning to one of horror. Garry's stomach twisted itself into knots as he turned to follow her line of sight, knowing that she must've just seen Jake's body.

There was no telling how the scene could've looked like to the newcomer. She might not have seen Jake trying to kill Sunil or seen him attacking Garry. It may have looked like an unprovoked attack on Garry's and Sunil's part. 'Oh crap, not good, not good at all,' Garry worried. He needed to clarify exactly what happened before she starting howling up the wrong tree and went in with all guns blazing.

"L-look, before you jump to anything or do anything, this... this wasn't meant to happen. He was trying to kill-"


Garry jumped as his explanation was interrupted by the shrill noise coming from all four collars. Garry immediately took a sharp intake of breath and made a grab for the implement upon hearing it make the sound, though taking enough care not to violently pull on the explosive shackle and accidentally detonate it.

"What the hell was that?" he spoke, frantically looking around the place. Why had his collar just bleeped? What reason was there? He couldn't be in a danger zone, the area never got announced as one. 'What just happened? I don't understand...'

The loudspeakers crackled to life again, Garry looking up towards the skies. Danya was due to make yet another announcement. 'Is he going to explain what the fuck that was all about?'

Apparently not, instead he was going to inform them about Liz Polanski's exploits once more. The girl was still, according to Danya, meddling with his eqipment, and he was going to punish her actions by detonating another student's collar. 'Oh fuck, not this again,' Garry worriedly thought, sucking in air between his teeth. Someone out there was going to meet a grisly end again. It could be Jake, could be the girl, could be the boy he'd just saved, could be Saul. It could even be him.

In the end, it was Lucy Ashmore who'd paid the ultimate price. Even though he should've felt guilty for doing so, Garry breathed a sigh of relief, glad no one he knew personally, or any of the three around him (Jake didn't count, having his collar go off would probably be a blessing for him) suddenly had their neck blown open.

"But that's not all kiddos. Why, as we speak, little Liz is continuing her destructive ways, sabotaging my valuable equipment. Help me help you, children. If you take her out, then, well. My fingers won't slip again."

"Huh? She's-what the hell is she doing?!" Garry cried out. That Polanski girl just that second got someone else killed, and yet she was still choosing to damage equipment.

"Oops. Like then. B045, Alex Rasputin, eliminated."

"...Alex?" Garry murmered, staring straight at the source of the voice. And the fun was far from over.

"Oops! My my, aren't I clumsy today? There goes B149, Trent Hunter as well!"

Garry just stood there, silent, jaw hanging open in disbelief as the news of two of his hockey team mates being killed off sunk into his head. 'Oh my God, he did not just... no way, no, NO!'

"You bastard! Why the hell did you do that, you fat fuck, why?! What the hell did they do to you?!"
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