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Josée didn't know what to do; it seemed like Remy was finally starting to see some sense and Cisco was making some sense but Josée wanted her stuff back, all she had was her blackjack which she had taken with her when she ran after Remy, but that wasn't a very good choice for providing food and medical attention, so she needed to get it back.

"Guys, I'm going to check if someone is still here. Don't worry, I won't attack if they won't attack"

This came from Remy, thank goodness he was finally starting to pull his weight, although Josée didn't completely believe his promise to not hurt anyone prematurely, but frankly she was so absorbed in her missing bag that she wasn't really thinking about it. She focused on Cisco, sitting down beside him.

"I'm sure you'll be in safe hands with us around... Well, at least, as long as I'm around, you'll be safe from my dimwit brother, I promise. So perhaps you could tell me a bit about this 'Death' person..." Josée enquired politly, not knowing how else she could start a conversation.
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