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(Alexander Campbell continues from Cleanliness and Loneliness)

Step followed agonised step as Alex tried to walk unsupported. He'd been helped for most of the day, but he felt like he was getting better. He at least felt well enough that he had no desire to be burden to the people who saved his life. He thought back.

Waking up. Gazebo. Withdrawal. Coughing. Cigarette. Lighter. Lighter. Light you bastard!

He hadn't mentioned it to the others. To any exteriour view, nothing changed when that happened. But something had died inside Alex at that moment. The basic task of lighting a cigarette had eluded him. It had been a task, something that required a concious and focused effort to do it with his off hand. That basic difficulty, the fact that he struggled with even such an automatic task, well, it really brought to home his current status. It was strange. When he didn't look down, it felt just like his arm was there. Until he tried to do something with it. He'd try and reach out his hand to steady himself against a tree. He would feel it happening, feel his arm moving. But it never rose up into view. It was gone.

"I'll never play guitar again." he thought to himself and it nearly broke him.

He looked up at Thea, walking just ahead of him. He hadn't heard it at the time and now it was too late. He was along for the ride. They were going to kill Hayley.

Thea stopped and leaned against a tree, looking at all of them with fire in her eyes. There was no doubting her intent. She meant to take leadership of the group and meant to use it to kill Hayley. Alex still didn't know how he felt. Maybe that was why he'd done nothing to stop it. In truth, he'd stopped listening to the announcements the morning he'd discovered his arm. It was irrelevant. The order meant nothing. This island was a trap and one that only one person could leave. The order in which the one person was decided was irrelevant. Personal vendetta's were pointless. It didn't matter to Danya whether Hayley died.

But it mattered to him. Leadership was a difficult thing to give up and Alex still considered himself the head of the let'snotkillpeople brigade. He just had to try and ignore the fact that he seemed to be the only remaining member.

He sighed and ran his right hand through his hair. Nothing happened. He remembered he no longer had a right hand, and did it with his left instead. He caught up to Thea. "We need to talk." he said.
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