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Imraan had heard that time slows down in situations like these. That ten seconds can seem like ten minutes. In fiction that was what gave the hero time to think rationally about what was going on, decide on the best course of action, and execute it, all in a split second of real time. That was a load of bunk. In the time after the announcement had finished and he'd spoken, and first Ivan and then Tabitha had given their responses, maybe sixty seconds had passed, and they sure hadn't seemed like sixty minutes to Imraan. Maybe for some people they did, but not for him. If anything, time had sped up; sixty seconds felt like sixteen, or six. That was too little time to think, too little time to figure out what in the heck he was going to do no matter how the two students he was holding at gunpoint reacted to his demand.

Ivan spoke first, admitting that he'd killed, seemingly not wanting to look at Imraan as he said it? Was he remorseful, or was he just trying to save himself? And did it matter either way? Imraan didn't know, because there was just no time to figure it out. Sure, he'd had plenty of time to think about what he'd do when he found a student like Ivan, a killer, on his way here. But he'd never arrived at a conclusion. What, did he think he'd trust in God that he'd know what to do? Yeah, right. God didn't decide for you whether you were going to pull the trigger or not. He might give you the gun, He might provide you with the situation, but now that Imraan was here, it was his choice alone whether to take that leap.

Then Tabitha spoke, refused to play along. Her strength, the fire in her defense of Ivan was more than surprising; it was unsettling. One side of Imraan wanted to believe her, wanted to just turn around a leave. But another side, a bitter, unnerving side, told him that she was just as bad as Ivan, just as guilty, and that he couldn't let either of them leave this cliff. Neither side could bow the other in the brief seconds they had to battle.

Then she made her final plea for him to leave, and Imraan realized with finality that he didn't know what to do. He was going to stand there, frozen, a monument of inaction exposed and recorded in time for all the world to see. His finger wavered, and then, then he didn't really know what happened.

There was a sudden noise from behind him, and his hands jerked and his finger just slipped.

He hadn't meant to shot them.

He hadn't mean to shoot Tabi, at least.

But there hadn't been time to think.

And then, in THAT split second after he'd pulled the triggers, time finally decided to slow down, and it seemed he had time to think.

God. GOD. I didn't mean it. Please let it miss them. Let me take it back.
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