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Can you hear me?
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And then Cisco crawled over to Katelyn- or rather, what was left of her- and started picking something up nearby her, acting like he just found something extremely precious to him. Josée went to investigate, and after a few seconds Cisco piped up with "Guys?! It's okay! I got my music back!"

As Remy went to take a closer look, he could see Cisco waving around what appeared to be an album sleeve with a shiny, bloody object of some kind sticking out of it. That... was the object that had been thrown at them? Really? This was like some bad Japanese cartoon, he swore to god. An album. He managed to kill someone with an album. Remy didn't even know that was possible. Or maybe it was something else, like that thing Xena Warrior Princess would throw at people, whatever that was.

He still felt anger towards Cisco, though. God damn it, no matter what happened, one thing was clear; he killed Katelyn. Remy tried his best to keep his eyes off her. And he knew that she still laid there, her last moments in pain. Even now, her screams echoed in his mind. He was just another murderer here. Really, he was lucky Josée was there to stop him from stabbing him

Was he...?

Speaking of which, Josée proceeded to bitch at him some more. Saying that killing him wouldn't be worth it. Saying that he was out of his mind. Well, it seemed that she finally realized just how out of it Cisco was right now. Saying to be calm and to avoid the people who really matter, such as those whose names had shown up multiple times-

... She was really trying to appeal to him, wasn't she? Josée heard the announcements too, so she would know what had happened. Remy's face contorted at the mention of the multiple time killers, then relaxed. Really, his odd facial expression said it all.

Josée had interrupted herself, and made a comment about her bags. Wait, hold on, someone took her things?! Holy shit, their things were gone! Not just Katelyn's either, but the twins' bags had made a disappearing act as well! Someone had taken advantage of their being distracted and started taking things away while they weren't looking! What's more is, they had taken from the dead! That was uncalled for! Really uncalled for!

Josée, as always, started playing the "in control" act by talking to Cisco and asking him about who he was working with and which way they went. And then suddenly, Remy remembered. Two voices. One was Cisco's, right? Who was the other? Presumably whoever Cisco considered "Death", then. So a player? Why else would they be called "Death"? Maybe Josée was actually right about him being manipulated in his... current mental state by someone.

Perhaps it was the person who had taken their things. Perhaps that's where they had headed after Remy had ran towards him. He still thought he was insane for the "she's taking my music" thing. Josée seemed to think that he had seen someone nearby when he was saying that, however.

Remy looked around him frantically as Josée talked to Cisco. Really, the thief could have gone off by now, going off to steal more shit, he bet. Seriously, who the hell did they think they were?!

"Guys, I'm going to check if someone is still here. Don't worry, I won't attack if they won't attack", he said to the two in a quiet voice.

Okay, that was kind of, sort of, a lie in some respects. But mostly, if he found the thief, and they just backed away and put the things down, he wouldn't have to attempt using the knife again. But for now, find out who the thief was.

He looked around again, and went over to some nearby bushes to see if anyone was there. Would they hide after getting their loot? He doubted it.

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