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(Naoko Raidon continued from The Lord's Mercy)

This was too risky.

That gun looked deadly, no doubt about that, and that girl wasn't exactly holding it easily. She didn't know how to use it, if Raidon was any judge of such things. On the other hand, he had a half-empty handgun and there were three people.

He was hidden behind a cluster of fallen logs, clumsily displayed. He had been taking a short walk from his meandering, resting his weary legs, when he'd heard voices and bent lower. There was a fortunate crack in this makeshift lean-to; he had peeked through a crack to see what was happening.

Sniper rifle. Interesting, but it was too risky and, and...

Someone else might die.

Raidon grimaced and huddled a little lower in his shelter.

Someone else might die. His hand tightened around his gun, which he glanced down at. With this weapon, he'd taken the lives of three people, two of whom, at least, had deserved far better. And he was here, casually contemplating the murder of another human being because she had a better gun than he did.

"Christ," he whispered, then rose to his feet and stumbled out into the darkness, out into the trees and out of the temptation that murder now offered to him.

God help me.

(Naoko Raidon continued in Surely God Is In This Place)
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