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George had been far too hasty. As he had run up, intent on pounding the face off of Sebastian, he had failed to consider that his opponent had a weapon to use against him. This was a costly mistake, and George was therefore unprepared for a blow to the gut that staggered him back and doubled him over, groaning in pain. Any sensible person would have probably reevaluated his tactics, perhaps come at Sebastian from a different angle. But George wasn't sensible right now. Not in the slightest.

You think that's going to stop me? YOU THINK I'M GONNA STOP?! No...THAT'S JUST GONNA MAKE THIS BETTER!

Anger turned even the sharpest thinkers into blind fools, and George had not been much of a brilliant thinker to begin with. Without even considering the consequences of his actions, he merely ran back at Sebastian, shooting out his fists at whatever he could find to hit. He decided on Sebastian's gut, as a sort of payback for the pain that he was feeling in his own stomach right at this very minute. Little did he know, but his opponent had something a little extra hidden underneath his shirt. He couldn't see it, of course, but as the blow struck home, the Indiana Jones wannabe clearly felt it, as he cried out in pain and held his fist.

What did I...What did I just punch?

Sebastian's assigned 'weapon' had been useful in this instance, as George was too concerned about the searing pain in his hand to realize that he was leaving himself wide open. This was likely to hurt.
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