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it was a graveyard smash
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((Tim Q. continued from Youth and Beauty Brigade))

Tim's feet ached and a slight headache was pounding away behind his skull. He followed behind Colin and Jacob, trying to keep his complaints to a mere minimal, but it was hard. He wanted to whine and complain about how thirty and tired he was. He wanted to stop, sleep, rest his feet. But, alas, he kept his mouth shut. Colin and himself had stayed at that beach for a fair enough time. That was all the rest that he would allow himself to have. He needed to move now, and complaints were not going to cut it.

As the trio walked, the group was surprised to hear an announcement, one that was inappropriately timed in respects to the other daily announcements. This announcement didn't list deaths or kills, but announced the doings of some chick named Liz Polanski. The name sounded familiar, but Tim had never socialized with the gal. Was she trying to escape? Seriously? She had guts, that was for sure. Tim doubted he ever had the guts to escape -- nor the smarts.

The second half of the announcement was illustrated by none other than the Mr. Kwong. Tim raised his eyebrows in surprise, looking over at his two friends. A teacher that wasn't dead yet? This sparked a tiny bit of hope in his being, a bit of hope that seemed to say, "A living teacher? Maybe he can save us!" But his announcement was just as grim. And someone's collar got detonated as a result of Liz's doings.

Shit. Tim felt his jaw drop, and before he could pick it up off the floor, his thoughts began to race. That poor kid! Dead over some girl's doings. How selfish! But.. Liz couldn't have known that. She wouldn't have tried to escape if she had known someone would die, would she? It wasn't her fault. It was that Mr. Danya's.. Right? Tim shook his head. He wasn't sure whose fault it was, but he couldn't help but feel pity for that Daisuke boy. How unfortunate. "What if it was us...?" Tim pondered quietly, barely aware that he had spoken the words. He was shaking slightly, his teeth chattering as if the area around him had gone cold.

He didn't want to die because of Liz. He didn't care if she was going to escape, he didn't want to die! He didn't want his life in the hands of some girl!

The situation with Liz was, once again, something out of his control. Tim hated this. He was always the kind of guy that liked to have things in control. He was orderly. His grades were under control, his life was [usually] under control, his future was under control. Being placed on an island and forced to kill against your will? Not under control. This really irked Tim. Everything was beyond his reach, and it took everything inside of him not to freak out and use that gun that he kept in the waistband of his jeans.

He could kill like all the others. He could attempt to force a rugged path back home. He could do it if he wanted to. Did he want to? Well, not really. He doubted he had the guts. Besides, if someone started begging or crying or screaming.. It was over. Those things just melted his heart. Hell, Tim could barely watch horror movies or, embarrassingly, chick flicks (!) without sobbing.

Tim realized that his feet were moving. He quickened his stride in order to keep up with Colin. As the trio walked on and a water fountain came into view (how pretty, Tim remembered thinking), he was jarred from his thoughts by a loud beep. Touching his collar, he looked over at his friends in panic. Had they entered a danger zone?! But there were no more beeps and no one else spontaneously died, so Tim calmed down a little.

The announcements cracked to life. Three more people were eliminated. Tim's heart dropped. He was sure that he would be next. Hand flew up to collar, eyes dart about, heart beat wildly... More silence. No more deaths. He let out his held breath in a huff and stared at Colin, his eyes a little darty and paranoid. "Colin, I don't know how much more of that I can take," he admitted, managing a very small, cheesy smile.

"I'm so happy to see you again Bounce."

Tim looked over and realized that, not too far away from the trio, a girl had approached another girl near the fountain. "Hey, there are people over there," Tim stated, looking over at the girls. They didn't appear to be too intimidating, in fact, he recognized both of them from classes he had taken in the past.

He looked over at Jacob and nodded at his question. "I think it sounds like a good idea. Keeping over here by ourselves might look suspicious." Tim paused and sneaked another glance at the two girls. "What do you think, Col?"
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