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Courtney's head was swimming right now. Too many people. If things got violent, there was no way she was gonna gwet out of there unharmed. She had to move now, get out of there before the situation exploded. Someone stupid- probably one of the new arrivals- would do or say something that'd set them off and then boom. They'd pull out guns or something, and she'd get caught in the crossfire.

She couldn't let that happen. She couldn't jeopardize her own life because of some idiots who got themselves into a fight. She had to make a move. Get out of there.

Jessie made her own excuse and left. Now she had a perfect moment to go. Two options, how she looked at it. She could either just run, or make an excuse. Running would make her seem more suspicious, Excuse it was, then. Not that she was going to kill Liz. No, no one would buy that one; she was too tiny and British for that. No one would believe her if she said she was going to go collect on the bounty they'd put out on Liz. No, she had to think of something that was believable.

Confidence. Normally she didn't lack it. She was nice, talkative, outgoing. Not now. Now she felt small. Smaller than a bug on the floor. These people towered over her, tall as skyscrapers. She'd have to speak up, say something. Make up her excuse, and make it good.

"A-Alright, um, I, um..." Stammering, tripping over her words. Her confidence was plummeting as she scrambled for an excuse. Any excuse. "I... uh..."

"Well, um..." Courtney took a few steps back. Oh God, this was a bad idea. Wrap it up, here and now, then get the bloody hell out of there. "Uh, see... um, well... See you in the future, I guess."

She backed off further, turning around when figured she was far enough away. Far enough that they wouldn't shoot her in the back, she hoped.

From there, she started running and didn't look back.

((Courtney Bradley, continued in Darken Your Clothes and Strike a Violent Pose.))
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