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The girl ranted a bit, went on about being quiet and such, blah blah blah. Didn't matter. It wasn't like Kimberly actually gave a fuck about being noticed. It was like this girl was under the impression that there was an actual point to this exercise, that Kimberly wasn't just fucking with her in order to make her make a nasty choice. Damn, she was slow. Kimberly didn't even bother responding to the girl's question about her arm, just smiling and cocking an eyebrow. At least that worked. At least this person seemed to be assuming that Kimberly was a credible threat.

Didn't make it much better. Then, the guy over there had to go and start yelling, like it didn't matter at all if anyone knew they were here. Well, fuck him too. The girl waltzed off, completely ignoring the fact that, had Kimberly had a gun, she could've just blown her away. This whole situation was one huge mess, and it was seriously pissing her off. There had to be something more worthwhile to do. Something that would actually get her towards one of her goals—because yes, she had two goals now, didn't she? There was Kris, Kris with her gun and her kills, and Kris still needed her share of comeuppance. But there was also Liz, little innocent Liz going around getting Daisuke killed. Liz with a bounty on her head, with the potential to really fuck up Kimberly's day just by accident. All this going on, and yet here she was playing games with dumb people. And then, icing on the cake, someone else started screaming, too. Just what she needed. More people yelling. Make it another circus like the beach.

No way. She was so over this shit. So ready to be off and away and just plain doing something rather than going through yet another round of painful introductions among people who never gave a fuck about each other in school, yet another tense standoff while people assessed the truth of each other's statements, yet another awkward moment as the nerds and the jocks sat around singing fucking hippie songs or shit like that.

So Kimberly did not follow the girl. Instead, she grabbed her things again, huffed a sigh, and started walking. A part of her, a very petulant and angry part, wanted to shout something nasty over her shoulder, wanted to tell the last newcomer that he was stumbling into a den of psychos or something. But no, she was better than that. It wouldn't do to let her emotions run that far out of control. Quite simply, the best option was to leave and let 'em sweat about who she was, what she was doing. She hadn't given them her name, right? For all they knew, they'd just had a nice little chat with Clio Gabriella. For all they knew, she was off to grab her AK-47 so she could waste the lot of them. Yeah, let 'em stew about that. No point getting involved.

Not when there was work to do. Her life could end at any moment, no warning. At any second, she could just be gone. One thing Kimberly was sure of, though, was that when her time came, she didn't plan on having a single regret. And that...

That meant she had a few little visits to pay to a couple of phenomenally careless girls.

((Kimberly Nguyen continued in Blackout))
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