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The blade cut through the air and the satisfying resistance of flesh never met his touch. The girl was on the floor now. Lucky, she had gotten lucky. She could be lucky this time, it wouldn't last.

Nick had lost sight of Teo in the commotion, Gracie as well. His world was focused on the small bubble of vision that encompassed him, Jay and the girl. Jay went somewhere away and he didn't exist anymore. Just him and the girl now. Blood rushed around his head and drowned out the noise. His fingers tingled, stuck full of invisible needles as he prepared to swing again, this time a downward blow to the girl. Suddenly, she sprang up and went at him, crashing into his torso. He didn't go down right away. He was much too solid for that, but the shock did cause him to drop his weapon. The weight of the girl wasn't enough to get him to his knees, but it caused him to stumble and his own clumsiness tangled his feet and the two of them went down in a heap.

He wasn't thinking anything. His mind was a blank but a feeling pervaded his body. Nick had to get her, he had to kill her. Why did he have to kill her? There was a reason. He was sure there was. The instinct was too rushed to provide it for him, but it assured him there was a good reason that he would remember if he killed her. When he killed her.

Nick sat up and grabbed her arm. Warm, soft, just like girls should be.

And then a shot. A frenzy of fear cleared out the previous feeling and he looked around to see what had happened. Jay. He was trying to get their attention. Without him knowing consciously what he did, his grip on her arm became loose. His hand slipped down, it was almost as if he was holding her hand. He looked at the boy with the gun, waiting.
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