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The little flicker of hope David had felt faded a little when he heard a voice: more specifically, a shout. "MAX CROWE OVER HERE!" someone yelled from what sounded like surprisingly nearby, and at once David hurled himself to one side and threw a hand over his head. Like Cody, like them, chopped up, shot, gunned down, hurt.

Didn't want to think about that. Not right now. Not when he could get the hell out of this god damn place.

Besides, that guy sounded friendly. And so far the killers David had come across weren't particularly craft.

"D..." he started, and then he remembered. They weren't trapped anymore. There was a way out of this god damn place.

"DAVID MERAMAC OVER HERE!" he yelled back, scrambling to his feet. "Is...is everyone over there okay!"
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