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Jay staggered back as Janet tossed the pistol into his hands. Fumbling, the pistol clattered to the floor. With a flash he was down atop it, awkwardly jabbing the clip again and again into the butt of the gun. Casting nervous glances upwards, he watched Janet engage Nick again. She was barking orders, taking command. Jay was scared, but strangely relieved. He would be floundering on the floor if he didn't have a task at hand.

Teo. Take care of Teo. Right, do that! That's what I gotta do!

"I got it I got it!" He yelled at Janet, just as a cold click signaled that yes, he had indeed got it. Looking down with horror, Jay realized that for the first time in four days his assigned weapon was indeed loaded. Loaded, and ready to kill. Gulping down a sudden lump in his throat, Jay surged upwards and began walking with purpose towards Teo. Teeth clacking in terror with every step, Jay strode towards the crossbow armed Teo, the pistol up and pointed directly at the other boys' head.

Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, what am I doing!? What the hell am I doing!?

"TEO! TEOOOOO!" He hollered, the gun shaking in his sweaty palms. The other boy wasn't listening. Another girl had appeared, shouting herself. It was getting too much, quickly becoming too much. The entire situation was chaos, and Jay felt his trigger finger tighten...

NO! CALM DOWN! JUST CALM! Get a plan Jay, those are good, stay focused, get a plan, get their attention, ATTENTION!

"CALM YOUR SHIT!" He screamed, waving the gun in the air. Jay stopped in the middle of the fairground, stomping his foot. He had to get their attention he had to be heard, and he had to get some semblance of order.

What now?! What do I do? This is fucking hopeless...

"TEO! TE- Oh fuck it! Motherfuckers! Listen to this!"


Jay screamed and ducked downward, the smoking pistol extended up in the air. His ears rang in a painful melody and he skipped and jittered back and forth on the spot. He had done it. Giving a loud whoop of joy, Jay righted himself and began to walk towards the students, a just little more confidence and swagger evident in his stride. Holding the smoking pistol at his side, Jay cupped his free hand around his mouth, shouting towards the disputing parties.

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