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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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The introductions of Jimmy and Alan seemed to have gone rather according to plan, as neither of them seemed to be dead. Alan began to relax; when suddenly, once again the speakers started to crackle to life. This was strange, Alan could have sworn he had already gone through this once today. Nonetheless he listened intently to the announcement. For the first time, Alan was happy with what he heard. It seemed that someone had actually managed to rebel against Danya, and even though the message wasn't from him himself, Alan could tell that he had wound him right up, and now he wanted to get rid of her, through fear naturally.

Alan nudged Jimmy "Jimmy, can you hear this." He whispered to him. "I was right, there is hope, someone is rebelling, can't you imagine how scared Danya is because of this? This is the best news I've heard since I came on this island, and now Danya's gotten so angry that he..." Reinitialisation suddenly hit Alan. "So this is what happens when you go against Mr. Danya; he sets every turned player onto you, he could... He could..."

Alan trailed off, leaning on Jimmy's shoulder.
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