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Micheal grinned, the gesture feeling surprisingly natural instead of forced. But thinks were looking up, weren't they? He found someone to stick to, someone with a gun. That spelled safety no matter how you sliced it. Not to say he was unarmed, but a gun with a little more intimidating then a nerd with wolverine claws. A good turn was a good turn, and this was definitely a good turn. He would have to guess his chances of survival just went up a good percent. Even if it looked like he would have to take on a leadership role. Not something he was exactly looking forward to, but you had to take the good with the bad.

He guessed that he might not want to tell her what exactly tank entailed, just like he wished that he'd chosen a different word. Tank, otherwise know as 'meatshield'. Not the most glamorous job in-game, and was sort of regretting making the poor girl think she was obligated to try and live up to that if she wanted to keep him around. "Well, maybe not tank. You can be the caster. That works even better with your gun and all. Hell, I can be the tank, considering how manly and fit I am. Perfect fit, right?"

The gamer offered another grin while he took her hand. "Whatever terms you want to use, we'll still be looking out for each other. I'll cover you, you cover me. Fair deal, yeah? Maybe a sort of group-dynamic, with me being the dashing, charming rogue of a leader, and you being the sweet and innocent girl I'm supposed to protect? Or the other way around, if I'm as useless as fighting as I expect I'll be? Something like that, anyhow. The point is, I'll be looking out for you."

After a second, Micheal broke the handshake and looked inwards toward the island. "That just leaves the question of where to do from here? I'm not exactly picky. I mean, I'll settle for someplace that falls under 'not packed with bloodthirsty killers', myself, but you might have more refined tastes. Seeing how I'm the sweet and innocent boy and you're the dashing and charming leader, how about you lead the way? Wherever you might have in mind, I'll be right next to you. "

That was confidence inspiring, right? Not exactly the 'Hold the line!' speech from Mass Effect, but it was better then saying 'We'll probably die horribly, so no rush!' At least it showed that he was on board with whatever she had in mind. Granted, that probably wasn't a lot. He got the impression that she was just happy to have found him, so chances of a well thought out plan were slim, to say the least. Still, it was better then being on his own.

Micheal flashed a reassuring smile at Gloria and held his hand out toward the treeline. "After you, O Fearless leader."

((Micheal Raynor, continued elsewhere...))
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