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((Mike Maszer continued from Searching For Clues))


After almost two days of extremely tiring trek, with only a single few hours break to recharge the batteries, after dealing with roots just waiting to trip his legs in the woods, and quicksands lurking at the swamp, Mike finally made his way toward the ship he noticed way back in the lighthouse.

Or rather, a sailboat. Looking at it now from a closer distance, Mike couldn't actually believe he mistaken it for a ship before. He must've been hallucinating from the pain back then, there was no other explanation. Nothing to worry about though. Ship or sailboat, it still had to be registered. It had to be have a name, and it still would be a valid clue, if he could learn it. It was time to finally test his theory. But first...

Whoa boy... Break time. I need to catch some breath.

The Pole sat down on the rock nearby and took out some food from his backpack. His rations were shrinking down. Not good. Mike hoped he could find enough clues to call the help before he would starve... Or die thanks to some lunatics running around the island.

As he munched the crackers in his mouth, the speakers were turned on. Twice. It was odd at first, considering it was nowhere near the time for another announcement, but looks like Danya had some important things to say.

As Mike listened, he experienced the roller-coaster of emotions. Through the voice of a math teacher (apparently still alive), he learned that someone named Liz Polanski managed to find a way to disrupt the collars. Awesome. Judging from her last name, she probably had some Polish ancestors, which meant she had to have a spark of genius in her, so the news should be true. Alternate way to say 'fuck you!' to terrorists was more than welcome. Then, Danya started blowing up collars, because apparently she started destroying cameras. Mike held his breath and listened closely to every name of the unfortunate students who were supposed to die in a moment. As he wasn't among them, he sighed with a relief. Looks like he will have a chance to pull of his plan anyway. Even more reassuring, he thought about terrorists completely occupied with that Polanski girl. Maybe, just maybe, they will be distracted enough to not notice his efforts, and they won't be able to cut off signal or anything, while he'll be talking directly to any government agent watching SOFT. Finally, he felt uncomfortable again, when he realized, that since the girl is destroying cameras, he might be not able to address anyone, because of that. Yet another reason to hurry.

Mike finished his 'meal', and packed all of his stuff into backpack again. He looked at the boat, mumbled something under his nose about some 'fucking clues', and slowly approached his target.
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