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The reactions to Alan and Jimmy's presence would have merited something, given the circumstances, were it not for the trademark crackling of the loud ... huh?


Wait. That's not right. Jimmy looked up, as if trying to confirm the time of day and reconcile it with the loudspeakers suddenly coming on.

"Good afternoon, students. I've been instructed to read out a prewritten statement from Mr. Danya regarding an incident that has taken place on the island." It was a good thing that Jimmy hadn't been drinking any water, as the voice of Mr. Kwong would have reflexively caused him to do a classic spit take.

"And I quote: It's come to our attention that one of your number has been interfering with their collar. This is clearly unacceptable. After all, we wouldn't want anybody refusing to play ball, would we? The student in question is Liz Polanski, some of you might know her. I'm speaking to you in order to bring an offer from Danya: should anybody successfully kill Liz Polanski, they will immediately be awarded a weapon from our very own stash of best kill prizes as a bounty." This managed raise Jimmy's eyebrows. Not because Jimmy was only slightly surprised, but because the proverbial one-two punch of both Mr. Kwong not being dead and this Liz Polanski's screwing with the (evil) system was in fact almost beyond belief, to the point where Jimmy was almost shocked beyond response.

"Miss Polanski, if you instruct anybody, verbally or by any other method, in your techniques, we will immediately detonate their collar. If we see you persisting in trying to break our rules, we will detonate collars at random. If you remain at large, we will send in a team to hunt you and anybody found to be allied with you down. We may also ... we may also see fit to eliminate your beloved teacher."

There was a small part of his brain that had managed to keep itself grounded in reality: if Liz was as big of a threat as they saw her to be, why not blow her ... unless she succeeded. Unfortunately, it also meant they were playing hardball: to ensure compliance, they were using a sort of classic carrot-and-stick method: appeal to the baser, more desperate part of the student body, while trying to scare Liz into surrendering.

"It has also come to our attention that Miss Polanski has recklessly destroyed one of our cameras, as a punishment, we will now detonate a collar ... What!? No! I - you can't make me - " A scuffle. "I ... I will be commencing this punishment now." This was what jolted Jimmy fully back to reality. His left hand reflexively went to his collar as he gasped, visibly fearful that they were going to pick him ...

"B148, Daisuke Nagazawa, eliminated. This is your teacher, Kwong Lei, signing off. Kids I believe in -!" Jimmy just stood there for a couple seconds, shocked beyond all thought, until.

"Did that just happen?"
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