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it was a graveyard smash
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Josie couldn't peel her eyes away from that second figure near her best friend. She squinted and squinted, but her eyes never adjusted too well to the darkness. She was just sure that there was someone else, and there was no way of knowing if this person was merely having a friendly chat or holding Sierra at gun point. The paranoia was eating Josie alive, and it took everything inside of her not to turn around and ditch the calm girl that stood at attention in front of her. Josie attempted to take a deep breath, but it just got caught in her throat, resulting in a cough. Good Lord, was she panicking? Josie never panicked. She was supposed to the calm and collected one. She was supposed to be quiet and composed and slightly menacing and intimidating. But now?

Her heart was beating way too fast, her eyes were freaking out, sweat was forming along her brow, her hands were shaking. Panic. It seemed so foreign to the red-headed girl, and she thought she might completely lose her head.

Kimberly's words brought her back to reality. She said something about just chilling, and Josie managed a slight nod and another deep breath. This breath didn't choke her and, in fact, filled her with a slight sense of calmness. She would be okay. She couldn't go into this situation with a panic-riddled head. Everything would be okay.

Paranoid glance in the direction of Sierra...

Yes, everything would be alright. That thing still hadn't done anything to her. That was okay, but Josie still didn't like it. She didn't want anyone invading her territory. Sierra was her's, all her's!

"You're acting like I go around screaming like a banshee. Sierra and I have been quiet, very quiet. Maybe moreso quiet than you, Josie muttered, her tone carrying its usual dark tone. There was a pause as she examined Kimberly's covered arm. Why was there a towel on her arm? She wasn't quite bright enough to realize that maybe there was a weapon under there, and so she decided to inquire. It couldn't hurt.

"You're right. I don't want to go storming over there. It could end up... badly. I just want to make sure Sierra isn't getting terrorized by some idiot. I'm not letting my little bathroom break fuck up any chance she had at life. She can't protect herself! She's little. That would be like a baby chick fighting a tiger or something." Remember your inquiry, Josie. Ask about that arm. "What's up with your arm?" she asked, trying to sound cool and casual. Kimberly had emphasized it, so maybe there really was a gun in her hand. But why hide a gun underneath a towel? Why not keep it in your pocket or tucked into your pants? Josie decided not to ask, and if Kimberly had a gun, more power to her. For Josie had nothing, not even something that could vaguely be considered a weapon. It was just a birthday card, something she liked to remind herself at any given moment. "Lucky," Josie commented, nodding at her covered-up arm.

"Max Crowe over here!"

Josie looked over at Kimberly and back over at the dark area where Sierra and that figure was. So the figure by Sierra, a boy named Max Crowe, apparently, was armed but not dangerous. He shouted that he was with Sierra, and he was fine. Josie was okay with that, she supposed. She sure as hell didn't want Max alone with her best friend, but she'd make her way over there sure enough. Josie gave a half-grin in the direction of Kimberly and said, "Double-lucky. Two people packing heat. I'm going over there."

It could be a trick. Max could have his gun to Sierra's head or his gun trained in the direction of Josie and Kimberly. He could kill them all without a bat of his lashes. But Josie didn't care. If that was the sad game Max would play with their lives, then so be it. She couldn't stand to be here, while Sierra was over there, possibly in danger. Josie hadn't made a promise for nothing.

Max's after-thought of "I think..." set Josie into a panic. "He thinks?! He thinks what? Is she okay or isn't she?!" Without another word, Josie had started sprinting through the forest and back to the area where she had left her dear Sierra. Upon entering the clearing, her heart beating and her eyes darting this way and that, she realized that there was no imminent danger. Sierra didn't look any different than how Josie had left her, and Max didn't seem like the most threatening guy out there.

She let out her breath in a loud "huff" and took a step forward, roughly pushing Max. She later realized that this wasn't so smart, as he had a gun (apparently), but she didn't care. "You scared me, you asshole! What do you mean 'I think...'? I thought she might have been hurt or, or, or.." She scoffed. "Never mind."

She crossed to Sierra's side, sat down beside her, and looked up into her grief-ridden face. "Are you okay? This guy didn't freak you out, did he? You know I'll tell him to take a hike if he did."

Josie looked up, her eyes staring at Max for a moment before flickering over to the edge of the clearing. She was waiting to see if Kimberly had followed. She wouldn't blame the girl if she had just decided to ditch (Josie WAS being quite loud after she had just claimed she was quiet!), but she felt a little bad for just running off back there, leaving Kimberly behind. But maybe that's what Kimberly wanted. Josie had no clue. That girl was much of a mystery to her. "You.. still out there?" Josie called, staring out into the trees. She would have called the girl by name, but she didn't receive a name.

Here Josie sat with two strangers in the vicinity, both with guns. Josie had nothing except her own best friend, too riddled with grief to do anything except be. It wasn't looking so stellar.
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